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Getir X Comptoir Gourmand

collaboration bewteen getir and comptoir gourmand

Comptoir Gourmand has teamed up with Getir for swift grocery delivery. Now, our delicious Bake at Home pastries are just a tap away on the Getir app. Simply order, and enjoy freshly baked treats at home.

Plus, use promo code GETIRXCOMPTOIR to save £10 on orders over £25.

We're thrilled to share some exciting news: Comptoir Gourmand is joining forces with Getir, the renowned swift grocery and restaurant food delivery service. This collaboration is set to elevate your Comptoir Gourmand experience to new heights, bringing our delectable Bake at Home products right to your doorstep with the speed and efficiency that only Getir can offer.

Exploring the Getir Experience

Getir has been revolutionizing the way we shop for groceries and dine with its seamless mobile app, available in multiple countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Turkey, and the United States. Getir's extensive services now go beyond groceries, offering ultrafast delivery, takeaway food, online grocery shopping, water ordering, and even local business support—all at your fingertips through a single, user-friendly app.

Getir stands tall, constantly evolving to meet the diverse needs of its customers. And now, the icing on the cake is our collaboration with them, allowing you to enjoy the excellence of Comptoir Gourmand in the comfort of your own home.

Pain au chocolat in a bakery

Our Bake At Home products on Getir

Bake at Home products

Our Bake at Home products demonstrate our commitment to quality and convenience. These frozen pastries mirror the exceptional taste you've come to expect from our in-store treats. Delivered and stored frozen, these pastries allow you to enjoy a freshly baked delight whenever the mood strikes at home.

Curious about how to get your hands on these scrumptious treats? Fear not! Ordering from Getir is a breeze.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Order

  • Download the Getir App: Whether you're an Apple or Android user, the Getir app is just a click away.

  • Navigate to the Frozen/Pastry Section: Once you're on the app, head to the frozen/pastry section. That's where you'll find our Bake at Home products, ready to be ordered.

  • Place Your Order: With a few taps, your order is on its way.

croissant in a bakery

Time Matters: What to Know About Delivery Duration

At the core of Getir's mission is a commitment to providing convenience without compromise. The promise of delivering high-quality, fresh, and affordable groceries sustainably within 15-20 minutes sets them apart in the delivery game.

How do they manage this feat? Getir strategically places its stores within a few miles of your delivery address. This proximity is the secret sauce behind their impressive 20-minute delivery time.

Save money: Use our promo code

To make your experience even sweeter, use our exclusive promo code: GETIRXCOMPTOIR.

By spending £25, you'll get £10 off your order. It's our way of thanking you for choosing the combination of Getir and Comptoir Gourmand.


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