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Buffet catering london

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Our buffet catering in London menu

Breakfast buffet catering

Tea | Coffee


Tea | Coffee
Pain au chocolat
Almond croissant


Tea | Coffee
Pain au chocolat
Almond croissant

chocolate twist

Cinnamon roll
Pain au raisin
orange juice

A nice sandwich

Lunch buffet catering


1 quiche +

1 portion of seasonal salad or soup


*7 portion minimum




seasonal sandwiches & quiches or pizza

1 portion of seasonal salad or soup

cawston press


*7 portion minimum



platter :

mix of seasonal sandwich ,salads, quiche and pizza

or choice of hot food (10 portions minimum)

glass of wine

bottled water

Afternoon tea


Tea | Coffee | Bottled Water | Cawston Press

Brownie| Madeleine | Chouquettes



Tea | Coffee | Bottled Water | Cawston Press

Vegan cake | Bakewell Tart | Double Chocolate | Cookie



Sea salt & Vinegar | Cheese & Onion

Chilli | Lightly Salted

A slice of bread
wheat ears


Soft Drinks

Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

Cawston Press (Sparkling) Apple | Elderflower | Ginger | Rhubarb

Beer (330ml)

Vedett Lager

Kernell IPA










What people think about our buffet catering London service ?

Thank you for your flexibility in preparing a last-minute gluten-free option. Overall, I was delighted with the venue, excellent catering and all the wonderful staff supporting the event. I would definitely like to use your catering services at Southwark Cathedral in the future and will highly recommend you to colleagues

King’s College London

a delicious plougman sandwich

Buffet catering London Delivery


Opting to host your event with us at Southwark Cathedral in London opens the door to a truly unique experience. Our splendid halls provide an exceptional setting, and the best part? We handle every aspect of your event. From managing the venue logistics to curating the perfect buffet, consider it all seamlessly taken care of by us.

a dish

Pick Up & Delivery

If you're the hands-on type, feel free to swing by and pick up your buffet straight from our kitchen. No extra cost – just delicious food ready to go. However, if you'd rather not bother with the commute, our delivery option is at your service. Contact our efficient staff, and they'll tailor the best delivery solution based on your location.

a delivery by van

How much our London buffet catering cost ?

Curious about the investment for our buffet catering services in London? We aim for flexibility and transparency in our pricing, ensuring you get exactly what you need without breaking the bank.


When it comes to the nitty-gritty, our pricing typically falls between £15 and £35 per person, depending on the specifics of your case.


If you opt for the pick-up or delivery option, you'll only be charged for the items you select from our menu, plus any necessary delivery fees. Simple and straightforward, with no hidden costs.


However, if you decide to elevate your event by hosting it in our dedicated spaces at Southwark Cathedral, there are additional considerations. We provide transparency in our approach, and here's what's factored into the cost:

  • Glassware, Equipment, Kitchen Essentials, and Cleaning. 

  • Staff: From setup to service, we've got it covered.

  • Chef 

  • Event Manager: For a truly stress-free experience, we offer the expertise of an event manager. They coordinate all the moving parts. 

Do the buffet caterers install everything themselves?

Venue Option at Southwark Cathedral:

Opting for our venue option means you can sit back and relax. Yes, we do it all for you:

  • Setting Up the Event: Our team takes care of the entire setup, ensuring everything is in place for your event to shine.

  • Arranging the Food on the Buffet: From culinary delights to eye-catching presentation, we handle the details to make your buffet a visual and gastronomic delight.

  • Serving the Guests: Our professional staff is at your service, ensuring your guests are treated with the utmost care and attention.

  • Cleaning and Tidying the Room: After the event, we handle the cleanup. You won't have to worry about a thing – just enjoy the memories.

Pick Up or Delivery Option:

If you prefer the convenience of pick-up or delivery, we focus on providing delicious food and you take care of the setup and service at your chosen location.

Types of events for our buffet catering in London

Office Lunch

Our culinary offerings add a touch of sophistication to your corporate affairs. Impeccable service, diverse menus, and a seamless experience. Discover our office catering in London.

Private Party

Celebrating a special occasion? Our London party catering service is perfect for private parties. Let us take care of the food, leaving you to enjoy the moments with your guests.

Breakfast Meeting

Our London breakfast catering service gives you and your guests a great start to the day. Allowing you to concentrate on the agenda at hand.

a few croissants and pains au chocolat on a buffet table

Quality and Taste of our London Buffet Catering Service

At Comptoir Gourmand, we believe that quality and taste should be the foundation of every catering service. It's not just about filling a plate; it's about creating a memorable dining experience for you and your guests.


We understand that catering is more than just providing sustenance; it's about creating a culinary experience. We source fresh, locally produced ingredients to ensure that each bite is a burst of flavor.


From the savory to the sweet, our chefs bring creativity and expertise to the table, crafting dishes that not only satisfy hunger but leave a lasting impression.

a carrot
an aubergine

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