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Discover the best cafes to work in London Bridge

shard  best cafes to work in london bridge

If you live in London and work remotely, there are many reasons why you might need to operate from the comfort of your own home. In a busy metropolis like London, the challenges of working remotely are many. High rents make spacious accommodation a luxury, compact flats leave little room for dedicated workspaces, and the constant buzz of city life can be distracting. But don't worry, we understand your predicament. That's why we're delighted to offer our help by sharing our carefully selected list of the top 5 cafes ideal for remote working.

Our best cafes to work in London Bridge 

1. Comptoir Gourmand Bermondsey Maltby
2. Bermondsey Locke
3. Comptoir Gourmand Cathedral
4. Bermondsey Garden
5. GRIND SouthWark

Best cafes to work in London Bridge : criteria to consider


A good coffee for work doesn't have to be expensive, especially if you only have one or two coffees and choose to have lunch there. It's important to remember that your primary objective is productivity, not draining your savings. By choosing reasonably priced options, you can strike a balance between comfort and affordability while you work.


We're all aware of how crucial the ambient noise level is for those seeking a conducive work environment in a café. Often, loud music, bustling conversations, occasional shouts, and the presence of children can turn what should be a haven for productivity into a nightmare (though we certainly adore children) for those in search of tranquility to focus on their tasks.


Sometimes you come across the perfect place to work in a café, only to discover that other people have also recognised its appeal. As the days go by, it becomes more and more difficult to secure a place, leading to a competitive battle for available spaces. In compiling this list, we wanted to highlight cafés that offer plenty of space, so you can concentrate on your tasks without having to worry about finding a seat.

1. Comptoir Gourmand Maltby 

We start our ranking with our top pick: Comptoir Gourmand Maltby. Although slightly out of the centre of London Bridge, it stands out as the most ideal café to work in on the whole list. Recently refurbished to encourage collaborative working, this café has plenty of tables available. Another major advantage is that it is not yet too busy, which guarantees the availability of a workspace. And let's not forget the delicious pastries and sandwiches on offer at Comptoir Gourmand.

Address : Maltby St, London SE1 3PB

cathedral  best cafes to work in london bridge

2. Bermondsey Locke 

When it opened, the Lock Hotel was extremely popular, quickly becoming the place to work near London Bridge. As well as its charming decor, the co-working space was entirely free, with no obligation to buy.

Unfortunately, this policy has changed and you now have to pay to get a place. Despite this, the rates are still affordable and it remains an excellent choice.

Address : 157 Tower Bridge Rd, London SE1 3LW

3. Comptoir Gourmand Cathedral

Close to the impressive Southwark Cathedral, Comptoir Gourmand café offers a vast space with plenty of tables to work at. Its relatively peaceful atmosphere is a major asset for those looking for a quiet place to work. What's more, the products on offer at Comptoir Gourmand are not only delicious, but also affordable, making it an even more attractive option for workers on the move.

Address : Montague Cl, London SE1 9DF

4. Bermondsey Garden

Bermondsey Garden is a little-known café, which makes it particularly attractive to those looking for a quiet workspace. Its spacious layout offers plenty of available tables, ideal for working efficiently. Popular with locals, it has a warm atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a delicious breakfast. What's more, the prices are very reasonable and the service is top quality, making it an even more attractive option for mobile workers.

Address : 113 Tower Bridge Rd, London SE1 4TW

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5. GRIND SouthWark

Located just two minutes from the metro station, the GRIND café is an ideal choice for those looking for a place to work. The establishment offers a large, beautifully decorated space, where you're sure to find an available seat. The atmosphere is pleasant, the music is not deafening, and the staff are professional, which helps to create an environment conducive to productivity.

Address : 2 London Bridge, London SE1 9RA

FAQ : Best cafes to work in London Bridge

What time should I go to the best cafes to work in London Bridge ?

It all depends on your working hours and daily routine. In this selection, we've made sure to choose cafés that generally offer enough seats for you to work comfortably. However, it's always best to err on the side of caution, and in this case arriving relatively early might be a better option.

Is it possible to make a reservation before visiting the best cafés to work in London Bridge?

In most of the cafés mentioned above, it's simply impossible to reserve a table, especially if you're just coming in for a coffee. So it's important to bear this in mind and arrive early if you want to secure a place to work.

How long can we stay in the best cafes to work in London Bridge?

It depends on the policies of each café, but in general there is no time limit. Once you've consumed something, or are about to, you're free to stay as long as you like.

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