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Discover the best cafes to work in London: Our guide

best cafes to work in london

Our best cafes to work in London :

  1. Comptoir Gourmand Maltby

  2. Hermanos Colombian Coffee – The Loom

  3. FWD:Coffee

  4. Comptoir Gourmand Cathedral

  5. The King’s Library Café

Best cafes to work in London : criteria to consider


Finding a good coffee spot for work doesn’t have to break the bank, especially if you limit yourself to one or two cups and opt to have your meal there. Keep in mind that your main goal is to be productive, not to overspend. By selecting budget-friendly choices, you can maintain a comfortable yet cost-effective work environment.


We all know how vital the noise level is for creating a productive workspace in a café. Frequently, loud music, chatter, occasional outbursts, and children can transform what should be a productive sanctuary into a chaotic setting. For those needing peace and quiet to concentrate, this can be quite disruptive.

Wifi quality

When choosing a café to work from, the quality of the Wifi is essential. A stable, fast internet connection can make the difference between a productive day and one filled with frustration. While most cafés offer free Wifi, the speed and reliability can vary significantly. For remote workers, it's essential to select a café where the Wifi is not only available but also robust enough to handle video calls and seamless browsing.

1. Comptoir Gourmand Maltby 

We begin our list with our top choice: Comptoir Gourmand Maltby. While it's a bit removed from the heart of London, it emerges as the prime spot for working among all the cafés we've reviewed. The recent renovations have transformed it into a space perfect for teamwork, with an abundance of tables. Another key benefit is its current low foot traffic, ensuring you'll find a seat. Additionally, the array of tasty pastries and sandwiches at Comptoir Gourmand is not to be overlooked.

Address : Maltby St, London SE1 3PB

cathedral  best cafes to work in london bridge

2. Hermanos Colombian Coffee – The Loom

Hermanos Coffee, as its name suggests, offers a unique touch of Colombian flavor. The coffee is of exceptional quality because Hermanos Colombian Coffee is not just an ordinary coffee shop, but also a roastery. You can find more interesting information about their history on their website. For remote working, the café is ideal: it's rarely crowded, very quiet, and the products are affordable.

Address : Unit G.04 The Loom, 14 Gower's Walk, London E1 8PY

3. FWD : Coffee

When you walk into a FWD café, you immediately recognize their passion and expertise for coffee. In addition to enjoying a cup of their expertly brewed coffee, you'll find a range of products to help you make a great cup at home, including scales, brewers, and grinders.

But that's not all we want to highlight today. Besides their quality coffee, working at a FWD café is a delightful experience, offering a pleasant and remote-friendly environment.

Address : 54 Farringdon Rd, London EC1R 3BL

4. Comptoir Gourmand Southwark Cathedral

Located close to the impressive Southwark Cathedral, Comptoir Gourmand café provides an expansive area with numerous tables ideal for working. Its calm environment is a significant advantage for anyone seeking a tranquil workspace. Additionally, the offerings at Comptoir Gourmand are not only tasty but also reasonably priced, enhancing its appeal for mobile workers.

Address : Montague Cl, London SE1 9DF

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5. The King’s Library Café

The King's Library Café is located inside the British Library. For those who don't know, the British Library is a vast public library where you can consult a wide range of books and documents. This place is well-known among workers and students for its numerous work and study spaces. The amazing thing is that the noise level is very low, and the Wi-Fi is of good quality.

Address : 96 Euston Rd., London NW1 2DB

FAQ : Best cafes to work in London

Is wifi available in each of the best cafes to work in London ?

Yes, Wi-Fi is available in all the cafés listed. Having Wi-Fi in cafés is very common nowadays. In the worst-case scenario, you may need to complete a registration form to provide your information.

How long is it OK to sit in the best cafes to work in London ?

It depends on the policies of each café, but generally, there is no time limit. As long as you've made a purchase, or are about to, you are free to stay as long as you like.

Is it possible to make a reservation before visiting the best cafés to work in London ?

At the majority of the mentioned cafés, reserving a table, especially for just a coffee, is nearly impossible. Therefore, it's crucial to consider this and arrive early to ensure you have a spot to work.

What are the advantages of working in a café rather than at home?

This is a subjective question since we all have our unique preferences, especially regarding working environments. However, for many, a significant advantage of working in a café is the ability to escape numerous distractions that often come with being at home.

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